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Ghost Mannequin Effect Service

We offer Symantec ghost mannequin effect service is so much significance to the e-commerce, magazine business owners, and professional photographers. From our company, you can get the neck joint service for clothing.

To be exact, Photoshopping apparel products without a model is known as ghost mannequin or neck joint in image editing services. All the products are manipulated in the online fashion industry, e-commerce, and magazine businesses by ghost mannequin service. The online fashion industry is the most substantial to utilise ghost mannequins to shape and fit the product perfectly. To the various shape, design and effectively color match in both male and female products are manipulated by this invisible photography service.

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Ghost Mannequin Editing

The e-commerce industry is one of the biggest growth sectors in the world. Especially, it is dedicated to fashion industry products. People accept to display clothing in a catalog or on a website. As online shopping is dedicated to the digital seller, whatever products they sell it requires Ghost Mannequin Service. On the whole, the neck-joint effect has a great impact on the online fashion industry.

Editable retailer products are sweaters, pants, shirts, caps, coats, jackets, ties, party costumes, skirts, shoes, trousers, women sweaters, skirts, children clothes, lingerie, belts, jeans, jerseys, ornaments, undergarments, and all types of apparel products for your e-commerce site, can be edited by Clip path

Our Neck joint service also offers you the editing in various shape, design, and colour match for both male and female apparel products.

Ghost Mannequin Effect to

Apparel Products

Apparel products are what you wear to work such as suits and heels. Fashion marketing includes the merchandising of these fashion products to the customer. Mainly fashion and apparel industry is concerned with the design and marketing of natural or synthetic products. To do the distribution fashion retailers like you are searching for ghost mannequin effect to the apparel products. And, Color Clipping with full dedication offer you the best editing of your clothing products. From us get the ultimate product effect for the outfit and maximize your company sales.

How We Get The
Perfect Invisible Mannequin

To get the eye-catching modification by using ghost mannequin effect, we require your initial product photographs taken from different angles. It is the brick-and-mortar of our neck joint effect. The prep-work of getting a perfect invisible mannequin, you are required to provide us the photographs of your mannequin in a static position of a tailored fit. That’s all we require from you to make accurate clothing effect. No worries if you don’t have perfect images, we can also edit that.

It is obvious that taking the desired quality pictures of products can be difficult. Whatever, we do the hard work for you to add shadows to the product, select and pose a model, manage apparel products. As we follow the strict step-by-step guide, your product photos get the Master 3D effect.

Mastering the

Ghost Photo Effect

Product Ghost Mannequin is a cost-effective service but it increases sale in an unimaginable way. Our company consistently hold product shape by accurate mannequin effect. Here are some points below to capture the great photos of apparel products:

Posing a Model: The best mannequins are lifelike and static. For that, real models should have the static pose, nor stand in a stylish way.

Setup: In a studio setting, it is obvious to set up high-quality equipment. Camera, lighting, placement and other equipment all come in high setup.

aking photograph: Direct level with the chest-height is the right position to take shots. It results in a flattering view of the product.

At same height Shots: Capture all products images at the same height along with taking inner-upper-bottom-back of chest and shoulder.

These steps will help you as a photographer to take images minimising distortion. Furthermore, these will help flexibility to capture both smaller objects and larger objects. Finally, be sure about the large shooting space, positioning tripod, lights and the backdrop.

Front and Back View of Photo Ghost

While taking photos, you need to capture your products to be shot from the front and back view. A piece of white foam board back to the sample products clarifies the details. Commercial product shots are taken in the condition of the exact same light condition. Same height and spot are maintained by the best professional photographer. The positioning of products in the middle of the frame increases the quality of the photographs. Also, a bright colour background holds the seamless presentation. So, try to maintain these steps while shooting product photos. Maintaining the mentioned steps will help our designer to create the best front and back view of photo ghost.

Fashion by Mannequin Photograph

Ghost mannequin for apparel product needs special preparation for a better result. A designer dress may be high quality but it requires exceptional activities when it is displayed. Thus ghost mannequin for clothing means these preps:

Cleaning Dresses: Before taking photographs of clothing, as a photographer you need to make sure about the cleanness of the dress. You can use a steamer to shape the fabric of the garment to show quality. Simple dryer makes clothes in shape and clean. And spot cleaners are also used for removing the small spot.

Assembling Mannequin: If models are not available, moulded body form can be an alternative. It saves money and retains the required shape of the products. To get the perfect mannequin shot some clothespins are used to fit the clothing.


Shoot: Best way to visualize the wearing products to demonstrate style on mannequin or model. A stylish look makes known customers about the fitting and shape of the products. So, as a concerned mannequin photographer try to capture your products in a fashionable way.

Style on Products: In the time of photo shoot, professionals snapshots a lot. It is safe to take the same position-picture for more times. It is known to the best photographer that more shooting makes more instructive adjustments.


of Mannequin Styles

To get the perfect mannequin effect, Clip path designers first look-over at the alignment of the product images. Our designers do it because perfectly aligned products images consecrate a cohesive and lovely look. Along with, cropping images to the desired portion designers make a consistent look at the products. We enhance the colour of the products and this represents clothing in a beautiful and fancy way. As final work, we adjust the background matching with the products displayed.

After shooting, it is time to add Mannequin Effect for the web. Global customers normally trust the displayed products as much as the quality of the products. Our post-production processing is to make products image look as professional as possible. Thus you get the most lucrative apparel products as we maintain the product optimal performance by the Mannequin Effect. Thus your lifelike product styles increase the sale of your e-commerce business.

Common Mistakes

in Neck Joint Service

To create a stunning invisible mannequin effect, before start working we identify some common mistakes. These specified mistakes reduce the ghost effect of the picture and we try to avoid those. To be perfect in photography of clothes or editing photo ghost, mannequin pictures and post-production work must be professional. As an expert ghost effect editor our conscious avoiding mistakes and provide you the inventory images.
  • Not preparing the products
  • Not clearing mannequin torso
  • Not using the perfect camera settings
  • Not shooting in perfect light
  • Not placing a matched background

In the end, invisible ghost mannequin is a need for this digital age. As online clothing buyers rely on the accurate representation of the products and neck-joint effect attracts the customers. On the opposite, if you don’t imprecise in ghost removal service, it will be devastating to your e-commerce business. So it is high time to get updated your website by mannequin pictures to the increment of your financial profit. Yet if you are not convinced about our neck-joint service, contact us for further information and project facilities.


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