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We take our task with high priority and ensure that the whole task is done with dedication regardless of the size of the project or its costs. The following are a brief overview of all our services:

Clipping path

For You, it is a strenuous assignment to remove complex edges from item pictures. In any case, for our originators, that is so basic. As we do 100% carefully assembled cutting for you

Shadow Making

It's ridiculous to see items in the 2D see. Though it is savvy to make a shadow underneath item to include profundity in images.We add a characteristic shadow impact to photographs.

Background Remove

Cut Out E-trade Image and Remove Image Background Remove every sudden component or foundation to make your photographs more attractive and alluring. It's so easy....

Ghost Mannequin

We offer Symantec apparition mannequin impact administration is such a great amount of importance to the internet business, magazine entrepreneurs, and expert photographers.From our...

Image Masking

Masking is a procedure or innovation that picture takers used to take care of numerous issues. The ultimate objective of mask creation is very satisfying. Masking is utilized by picture takers...

Color Correction

We do photograph re-shading to colorize the picture by striking shading and reestablish it pixel . Our expert photograph colorization makes the most noteworthy clear shading tones, temperature....

Headshot Retouching

Basic/Light professional headshot retouching services to actors, an upcoming model, performing artists, and studios are especially in demand of making photos more beautiful...

Photo Crop & Resizing

Display size restricts high-resolution images to show proper beauty. In the special case of the product showing on an e-commerce site, The display size becomes smaller comparing...

E-commerce Image Solution

A professional look to your website is a preliminary requirement to be successful in the e-commerce business. To be expertise in this sector product images are necessitated...

Nowadays in an era of the internet, everybody wants his image needs to look good in the online. That is why image editing is becoming more and more popular. Clipping Path is a special kind of image editing service which is using from all over the world. This administration fundamentally needs to evacuate or change a specific state of a photograph. Enormous online business industry proprietor needs this administration severely. They have to alter right around a great many pictures in a solitary day. We will make the way for your picture and afterward it will be fit for doing any sort of progress.

We can assure you that in the context of clipping path service, Photoeditingexpert  will provide you with something extra. Our main criteria are to satisfy our client at any cost. We do image editing as per the client requirements. Just provide us with the direction and time frame and enjoy. The rest of the work will be done by our team. We have a strong clipping team and they are able to work with almost any type of images. It could be an easy, medium or very hard image. We have a free trial system and if you like to test our quality go for a trial. We are optimistic that we can meet your deadline.

Clipping Path Service Categories

Simple Clipping Paths:


Simple clipping path is applied to curved products with a hole such as a ball, mobile, plate, ring, egg, book, T-shirt, shoes, ring, watch, earring, chair, camera etc. In a simple clipping path, the number of curves and anchor points of the path is greater than the basic clipping path.

Medium Clipping Paths:

Medium clipping path includes multiple holes and designs on images with multiple curves. The number of anchor points here is greater than the simple clipping path. These images may have a few embedded transparency (holes). It is performed on bracelets, group shoes, group watch, motor parts, group rings, double shoes, group foods etc.


Complex Clipping Paths:

Complex clipping path is applied to images of a compound and complex shapes, designs or group photos, these products many holes/embedded transparency and many closed paths. It is applied to various products such as chain, group people, furniture, group bracelets, furry doll, jewelry, net, group images, cycle etc. 

Multiple Clipping Paths:

Multiple clipping path services are the specialty of CEI. With this service, the client can change the individual component of an image in terms of enhancing or changing color level, multiple fillings, opacity, size, rotation, filters, effects, and more. Items or product images that require Multiple Clipping Path are GIF & Flash composite animation, fashion catalogs, e-commerce products, fashion catalog, web template, and more.

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Product retouching

Product retouching is a process of e-commerce photo editing, which includes adding new details or touches to images for correction or improvement. Its aim is to make the photo more attention-grabbing that the customers want to buy the product without thinking twice.
To achieve perfection, product photography retouchers use different tools and take into consideration the importance of color, shape, and texture. The appealing photos of products are the result of their work. The product retouching is used by photographers who work with food photography, advertising photography, fashion photography and everything that is connected with purchasing.

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Dedicated Team

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