Clipping path service Originally, the method of removing the background drawing a line in the region of the object by Photoshop Pen Tool and omitting the outer area.
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Clipping path is a line or vector shape which is drawn by hand using photoshop software. It is also known as the cutout image, clipping image, vector path, etc.

Basically, a clipping path is a selection of a certain part which is called the subject of the image. It is a process to cut out the subject of the image from its background. Whatever you want to do remove background, create a shadow, change the color, etc, you have to create a clipping path all around the subject. Our expert designers create clipping paths manually using photoshope pen tool

Why do we need to create a path around the object? Sometimes we need to separate objects from image background to change it or remove it or we need to change the overall color part by part. We can do all photo editing by cutting out an image using a clipping path technique.

Where do we need a clipping path? Changing an unwanted image background is very common. So, the clipping path can be used on a regular basis but it has professional use also. If you are an online retailer wanting your product image to be more attractive and increase conversion rate, the clipping path technique has a significant impact. From making a white background product image, to change colors of your product to get a different version of it rather than manually shoot all the versions one by one, a hand-drawn image cutout is a must.


Photo Editing Ltd. offers professional hand-drawn deep etch service to their clients to ensure the best image cut out service.

As the quality is a reality for clipping path, we do it ONLY by hand clipping to get precise and set aside the most elevated conceivable effort to make a perfect cutout. Actually, there is no easy route to making speedy photograph cutout. That is the reason to utilize Pen Tool to make the clipping path in Photoshop to makes the most capable cutout. Thusly, our clipping is always cut-to-slice to the edge.

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We never suggest Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop. In spite of the fact that it makes the speediest fixing alternate route it gives an awful outcome. As it chooses the enormous zone of comparable shaded pixels and produces smirch choice territory.

We offer you to get the most ideal cut out than some other clipping organization in the market. Our cut images are always high-goals cutout.

As image foundation decides the nature of an image, we can make eye-snappy images on the balanced foundation with the Cut Out Products set on it. Likewise, we can evacuate the confused foundation with some fundamental repair to improve an image. We generally flourish to get you the most appealing images with the ideal handcrafted clipping path. Here are some mystery outlining strategies we follow-

You may find that even coming in front of the SERP’s, people neglect your service.The reason behind that is the appearance of your product does not drag the focus of potential customers. As a result, people tend to avoid your product even after a quick review.

Most often it’s the image presentation, more specifically the background which makes your product ugly even after having charm. We are among the few providers who possess creativity and know-how to create a clipping path in photoshop.

Photo editing Ltd. is successful in removing the transparent object from the image milieu or making a transparent background for your product. The appeal boosts even 100% for a product with a transparent background.