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Photo Editing to Remove Spots

Photo Editing to Remove Spots on Surfaces e.g. (Removing Birthmark on Skin)

In our day to day activities, a couple of unexpected things are bound to happen. Some of which we have control over and some which we have no absolute control whatsoever. There are very many instances that you can relate with e.g. dialing a wrong number and tripping over and falling.

Dialing a wrong number feels like a controllable incidence because if you had paid a little attention before dialing the number you would have noticed that some digits were either missing or typed in the wrong sequence.

Tripping over, just happens! A missed step or your foot just misses a step and in split seconds you are sent flying in the air then you hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. This is beyond your control by all means. There is nothing you could have done about it to prevent it from happening.

The likelihood of any of the above related occurrences happening in photography could not be farfetched!

A bird could just fly between the camera lenses as the flash of the camera goes forth and a much awaited photograph ends up with uninvited guest on the group photo! The good news is that Photo Editing can correct the photograph by editing out the bird. Think of familiar instances where such has ever happened to you.

Some things happen to feature in a photo! Yes we knew they were going to be in the photo but then in the near future we decide we do not want them in that photo! Which ones can you think of?

Think of someone who back in the days as a teenager in high school was so much into reggae music and Rastafarian stuff but now no longer subscribes to that ish anymore! (... No pun intended or fun made to vilify the Rastafarian community)

Maybe he now is a devoted Muslim or Christian. Then in one of the best photos he took in high school, he finds one photo that he feels that he must share it for TBT (Throw Back Thursday) on Facebook, where he dons a brightly colored bracelet or scarf or cap or chain with rasta colors ( screaming orange, red and green colors ). ... Teren! Teren!

Assuming you are this person! So how is that old high school photo with Rastafarian regalia going to go on facebook where majority of your fans are folks you go to church with, sing in the choir with? Remember you also filled your wife with stories of how you were a very active member of CU and boasted of how you were totally involved in all the major CU functions in your school in all your high school years!

Good news! It can be edited out. You can remove unwanted objects, marks, spots, dirt from photos. You can scan the photo as it is ( … usually costs KShs 10 only to scan in majority of cybercafés) and email or whatsapp it to me and I will work on it.

Here is a Photo of someone with a birthmark. This is natural. You should not feel worried or offended for having one on your skin. It causes no harm but you can decide it should not feature on your Photo ( I have a couple of them as well! )

Photo of skin with birthmark spot

Here is the Photo of the same person after the birth mark has been removed when the Photo is Edited to remove it.

Photo of skin with birthmark removed by photo editing

Photo of skin with birthmark spot before and after it is removed

That's it! Do you have Photo(s) you would like to have spots, marks, grease, dirt, scars, crease, smears, scratch removed by Photo Editing?