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Photo Editing to Enhance a Photo, make it Bright and to make it Glow

Do you ever look at one of your Photos and begin to curse the camera used? Wait! Do you then shift the blame on the lighting of the room ( poorly lit room ? ) or the weather or the many clouds that day that made it look dark?

All hope is not lost!

Your Photo can be Photo Enhanced to make it look bright!

You can make that one Photo glow like you radiating sunshine!

Here is the plan! If that photo makes you look like you own a dubious phone or digital camera, send it over ! I will Photo Enhance it for you and send you a sparkling photo that will awe anyone that sets their eyes upon it.

So much for a photo picture that is shared among friends and relatives on social media. How about you have that one photo you can use for passport photos like when you apply for interviews or when you fill official documents?

Do you know why in the photo studios (…maybe I am the only one who used to go to those ones) they light up that tiny room with eye blinding bulbs from all sides? Remember how the heat from those lights makes that place feel like an oven? Me, my ears begin to feel like there’s a spider web lodged on my earlobes that I need to brush off! Anyway! Those ninjas usually want to make sure that there’s no shadow that will feature on your Photograph or Passport Photo! Ever tried that antique looking comb they have there? I would not recommend you use it. Hahaa! As for me all the Passport photos I took with them I used to have my hair shaved before going there. Lol !

Below is a Photo of a client I did for them.

Here is the initial Photo as it was when I got it.

Dull Photo to be Photo Enhanced

Here is the same Photo now Photo Enhanced, Bright and Glowing.

Photo Enhanced Photo

From Dull to Bright Photo Enhanced Photo

That's it! Do you have a Photo you would like to get Photo Enhanced?