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Initial Car Color

Photo Editing to Replace Object ( Car ) Color

Photo Editing can come in handy when you want to change the color of an object from one color to another. Ever had an instance where you wanted to change color of an object?

Assume you are a lady who attended a party or a function that had a dress color code requirement but ended up breaching this requirement by e.g. putting on black shoes in an event where everyone donned white from top to bottom including shoes! The Photos of the gig are out and you are the only one looking clumsy in the pics in your black shoes!

Your friends, relatives and everyone who knows you attended the event is pressuring you to share the photos on facebook and instagram but only you knows why they are yet to get tagged to the so much awaited selfies and photos

Question: So what will you do ?

Answer: Worry not. You can e-mail or WhatsApp me that Photo and I will work on it and send it back to you with your shoes white in color like everyone else.

Below is an example where I Photo Edited the Picture of a Car to Change its Olive Green Color to Blue. Notice the Lady in the Foreground! Mrembo ajabu! Anyway, she did not prevent me from changing the Car Color from Olive Green to Ocean Blue Color ! I am able to change the color of her dress, shoes and bra (..naughty ) too but that's besides the point! Lol

See the initial Photo at the Top and view the below Photos of how I went about changing the Car Color. Do not forget to check out the final Car color towards the end of this page after I completed the Car Color Change.

Photo Editing to Change the Car Color from Green to Blue (... task partially completed)

Replacing Car Color Photo Edit

Green Car Color to the Right of the Lady on the foreground is effectively changed to Blue

Replacing Car Color Photo Edit

Below is the finished Photo Edited Car Photo from Green Color to Blue Color

Car Color Replaced Photo Edit Complete

Things you may have not noticed

1. Did you notice that the Lady on the Foreground did not prevent Photo Editing to Replace Car Color?

2. Did you notice that the position of the lady is the same in the final Photo Edited Blue Car Color Picture as well as the Initial Green Car Color Photo?

3. Note that the Color Replace Photo Edit only changed Green Color with Blue

That's it! Car Color change is finished !

Do you have a Photo, Picture or Image you would like to have its Color Changed?