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Designing Classy Handbags Logo

If you ply your trade in Kenya as a professional photo editor while carrying out tasks in the categories of image editing, photo retouching, photo enhancement, photo restoration, photo quality improvement, selfie airbrushing, selfie editing, photoshop and photo quality improvements, you will probably have come across a request where someone needs an out of this world logo for their business. Something like, I am looking for a logo that will work on a website, on stationary, business cards as well as on photos. I want something different yet unique and a little antique looking if possible.

This one here was one of those.

This is how I went about it. First, the name Classy Handbags has a C and an H. Secondly, I needed to have a picture of a handbag, decide on colors and then fuse all my imaginations into one final finished logo in the end.

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Let’s continue now.

I got a couple of different font sized Red colored Cs and a Black H. Thereafter, I then identified a Red handbag picture which I would use as part of the logo.

Here is the Red colored C font I used (...for C in Classic Handbags).

C Red Font

Here is the Black H font I used for the logo design (...for H in Classic Handbags)

H Black Font

The Red handbag (…just a random picture of a classic red bag?)

H Black Font

Below is the finished Class Handbags logo

Classy Handbag Logo

Things you may have not noticed

1. Did you notice that the Red handbag hangs on the H letter?

2. Did you observe that the Red handbag’s long strap hugs the letter H at the bottom on the left?

3. See how the Red font C intersects with the Black font H?

That's it! Logo finished !