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Basic/Light professional headshot retouching services to actors, upcoming models, performing artists, and studios are especially in demand of making photos more beautiful.

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Face the problem of digital headshot retouching of your photos? Need it to be done quickly and naturally? Fix The Photo has a new service for actors, photographers, agents, studios, and models providing digital headshot retouching according to all photography standards. Are you looking for high-quality headshot retouching services? We provide top-rated headshot photo editing services, ensuring clarity of your facial features and tiny details. Our experts at PGBS have extensive experience in digital manipulation of photographs and can enhance the quality of your photos to the maximum possible level.

Headshots are intended to convey your character. I do color balancing, adjust lighting levels, correct blemishes, naturally minimize wrinkles, and do contour shadowing and shading to bring the focus on your face and expression. All while keeping a natural, real look. I am efficient, yet very detailed. Our team provides retouching headshot support which usually takes about 2 office days. The aim of this service is to clean the final headshot of flaws, zits, under-eye circles, stray hairs, yellow teeth, visible scars, skin smoothing, including removal of face shine, grease, sweat, etc. Removing or replacing the background on the headshot is an additional technique, which also can be applied.


This type of headshot retouch should always be made carefully. You will not receive your headshots look like a porcelain doll. Amateur photographers can spend painstaking hours retouching headshots realistic, but our specialists can do it better, faster, and for an affordable rate. Our retouchers will help you to forget about wrinkles, acne, zits, visible scars, pigmentation marks and dark spots on your photos.

Teeth looking dull and yellow in your headshots? Use our headshot editing service which can quickly whiten teeth and brighten your smiles with Photoshop. How to make a headshot look professional in Photoshop is obviously our main goal and teeth whitening is a real challenge for photographers, but not for photo trims. To whiten one’s teeth in headshots is the most frequently asked request we receive every day.

There are varying ways and refining systems to achieve an image. The image can be unprofessional or professional. For business purposes, it is basic thinking to capture the best-suited images. This will give you the desired impression that you are looking for. Perfect size, angle, color combination, background, and pose fit in the basket of best-looking headshot portrait. The desired combination is obviously rare in general, thus, come the professional retouching services. These faculty supplement you with the astonishing publication of online photographs. Standard and quality both are also the potentials of your headshot profile picture

Discarding features of unusable headshot:

♥ Photos that were taken suddenly or accidentally 

♥ Cell phone or selfie like photographs even though it looks gorgeous

♥ All the unprofessional picking

♥Straight forwarded backed up by a wall or in a horizontal pose

Types of High-End Photo Retouching Services We Provide

High-end retouching service is always a job for highly experienced photoshop experts. Photos in this category need to be taken care of with extra care and attention of an expert. As all the pixels of these types of images should be intact only experienced editors can do this type of job. Let’s know the categories of high-end retouching service.

High End Skin Retouching

All the high-end images are captured by expensive cameras and setups. These cameras capture each and every detail and it catches the viewer’s eye immediately. Let say your model has acne spots or wrinkles on the skin, you can’t do anything about it and your expensive camera will pop it more. So in high-end skin retouching, professional experts work on the skin area to fix all the spots and enhance the beauty of your image.

High End Beauty Retouching

In modeling images, companies use expensive makeups and outlooks to get the best look for their model. But no matter how expensive cameras or lightings you use, you can’t use the raw images directly. High-end beauty retouching service is the perfect thing you will need to give your images the final touch which will make your model photos attractive and it will create a jaw-dropping impression on the viewers.

Benefits of High End Image Retouching Service at PHOTO EDITING EXPERT LTD.

Photo Editing Expert ltd is well-known for high-quality retouching service.

We will be beneficial for those having:

  • A small budget, and
  • Tiny timeframe.

More than ten years of hard work and unbeatable effort help us to create the longest list of satisfied clients.

High end image retouching is a specific segment of Photo manipulation service.

This technique is important in beautifying:

  • eCommerce product
  • Luxurious cosmetics
  • Luxurious brand models

And it does require a highly appealing image to cut a good amount.

This method improves the appeal of an image event 100 fold. So, doing this makes it catchy to the viewer.

Photo editing is the perfect way to add charm in the photograph.

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How to Improve the Quality of Image with This Service

If you think it’s an easy task, you are absolutely wrong! High-end retouching calls for the ultimate level of skill in several image editing services. Image masking  and neck joints are to name a few.
Experts carefully deal with the object skin which is a prime. It’s not like lightening the skin tone. Instead, it may require to do the proper beautification by applying advanced options.

Again, it’s a work of the most advanced level, so, delivery time varies depending on the complexity of the work. It’s a work that requires a delicate touch or creativity which demands time.
Even a few hours of creative graphic designing make a single photo. As a result, it needs high rates compared to other image editing services.
For doing great in high-end retouching service, an expert must be proficient in different segments which is vitally important.

That’s why, having the skills in pixel and resolution correction, cropping or photo resizing is not enough. Our pros are also experts in multiple airbrushing, skin toning, beauty retouching, glamour correction, etc.

You should keep in mind that the photographer captures a beautiful image. But the image becomes more beautiful. To pursue that, we remove the unwanted and ugly parts from it and add some extra beauty.
Fake skin toning is not quite enough to make the image beautiful. But the spot and black mask removal make the image appealing.

Shaping the face is an important part of the high-end retouching. Most of the expert professionals use Dodge and Burn retouch technique to complete the retouch.
Experts also recommend touching each beauty detail of the image because the Retoucher can beautify the things. This enhances the beauty of that moment.