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Photo Editing to Remove Spots

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How many times do you see a nice suit, dress, t-shirt, trouser, blouse etc. and then silently say to yourself, “I would look really nice in that one!”

Ever thought that you could edit a photo of yourself in it ? Food for thought!

Here is another, ever see a photo of your friends or group and convince yourself that the only missing person in that picture is you or someone you know?

How about you get yourself added into the photo or rather get the person added into the photo?

Think of a photo with persons or items in it that would create a good caption of a story line that you would only like to tell in picture form?

Would you like to bring the future you so wish for to the present? E.g. Get yourself next to a place you wish to visit or pay a visit one day?

Photo Editing does make all these scenarios possible.

Here are two Photos from a client who wanted to have a Photo of one of them, photoshoped into another.

Here is the Photo of the person’s head he wanted photoshoped into the Photo with 3 gents right after this one.

Photo of skin with birthmark spot

This is the photo where the middle guy’s head was supposed to be replaced with the one of the photo above

Photo of skin with birthmark removed by photo editing

Here is the resultant photo. See below Photo

Photo of skin with birthmark spot before and after it is removed

Photo of skin with birthmark spot before and after it is removed

Would you fancy something like that? Talk to me!