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Adobe Cloud

Along with the Creative Suite 6, Adobe are also releasing their new Creative Cloud Software. This was first mentioned in the Max 2011 conference in October.

It has been described as the focal point for creativity, where users can gain access to desktop and tablet applications and use their Adobe programs and share their best work. Launching at the same time is the Adobe touch Apps to allow the user to access their creative programs, transfer, share, adjust and improve images or creative outcomes on a range of different devices.
As part of this new package Adobe has also created Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge.
Adobe Edge is a new product designed to create flash like animation to websites and is a interaction design tool to enhance HTML 5 Motion.
Adobe Muse is a new product that allows graphic designers to produce HTML sites without the hassle of writing code.

The price for this new software is hinted at £49.99 a month and will include all of Adobe’s programs including- Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Audition, Premier Pro, After Effects, Fireworks, Flash Pro, Acrobat, Edge and Muse. Along with the new touch Apps which are Photoshop touch, Kular, Collage, Debut, Proto and Ideas.

With the Spring launch of the Creative Cloud there will also be a Creative Community, this is to allow users to share and present their work with others globally, provide a forum and a way to gain connections between other Creative Cloud users.

The Creative Cloud also offers 20 GB of Cloud storage space and offers Sync options for devices and Pc’s.
In addition users will gain access to Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite Editions to publish items to tablets, like Type kit, and Adobe Business Catalyst to aid the user in building and maintaining online businesses.
After the launch of the Cloud, it has been mentioned that additions will follow in the Autumn including a new Adobe Lightroom for the Cloud. These new additions are said to cost around £69.99 for a licence per month.
The new Cloud will be a desktop software and not just an online service as it has been confused with throughout the pre launch process.

All CS6 programs will still be made available as they are now, sold either as a bundle or individual programs.
Here are the Key elements that the Adobe team wish to uphold with the future direction of their products and their new reconstruction and movement into digital marketing and Media.

They wish to continue to develop and produce better creative products for PC’s through thier Creative Suite Software, while extending their customer reach through tablets, devices and Touch Apps.

They are moving forward with HTML 5, for the use with tools like Dreamweaver, PhotoGap and Adobe Edge.
Using Flash resources to provide the most impressive PC Web experiences, like gaming video and mobile apps.
Improving digital publishing options to allow businesses and companies to profit through publishing their content on multiple devices.

Along with investing in video advertising, with Auditude and offering increased services with its Acrobat product line, they will use the Echosign program to develop the use of electronic contracts and signatures.

There is more to come with new Photoshop CS6 info released in the next blog from The Photo Editing Expert so subscribe to the RSS to for the rest of the series.

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